Foster Your Customer Loyalty

DIGIFI helps you to provide a free WIFI to your customers to increase their level of satisfaction.

Increase Your Network

DIGIFI helps you to increase your network base of customers, and involving them in your marketing activities.

Guarantee Target Engagement

DIGIFI guarantees that your marketing activities will reach your exact target effectively.

what is digifi !

About Digifi

DIGIFI is a one of a kind marketing tool that helps you to engage your customers as well as increasing their level of satisfaction and loyalty.


Our mission is to provide our clients with a new and a professional marketing tool that helps them to increase their customer engagement and loyalty.


is to be one of the biggest free wifi suppliers in the MENA region.


How does it work for your business?

Creative Portal

up to 8 SSIDs to your access point and adds a built-in splash page. The Splash Page is simple to setup for you, and super-simple for the Wi-Fi clients

Social login and data capture

social login capabilities and many other features, you can collect extremely useful data (e-mail addresses, phone numbers, behavioural information)

Splash Page Editor

You can simply drag and drop the elements from the left component bar, and customize them through the control panel. Every splash page that you create is responsive

Social Dashboard

The Social Dashboard is the analytics and data capture tool that Digifi designed for your customers, to let them analyze data and insights with a nice graphic interface, without having permission to change Wi-Fi configurations

Wi-Fi Couponing System

Couponing System allows you to easily create, print and distribute vouchers for Internet connectivity. You will be able to configure a coupon template and set the data limit, the bandwidth limit, the duration, and other key metrics.

Remote monitoring

Cloud Dashboard is the easy-to use, cloud-based dashboard to remote monitor small or large networks of access points, deployed in one place or in multiple locations worldwide.


Connect with your customers on all WiFi-enabled devices using interactive ad units and mobile-optimized campaigns, Grow your email lists, Facebook fans, instantly increase customer loyalty and capture social data for intelligent ad retargeting, ontests and more.

How does it works!

Works with any network setup

The Digifi Social Powered Hotspot uses a proprietary hotspot software that quickly integrates into your existing network.




Any Type

Access Point

Our Models

Captive Portal

Happy Customer

Social Networks!

Allow your customers to connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn in exchange for Free Wi-Fi access.

Why DIGIFI is important ?

"Focus on how to be social, not how to do social" -Jay Baer

Retarget Advertising Opportunities

Email and re-market to your visitors and maximize your email marketing and retargeted advertising opportunities. Get real ROI on your free Wi-Fi that you offer to your customers.

Engage your customers

Publish your own advertising banners, promoting your location, offers, upcoming events and co-partner brand marketing.  It’s your Wi-Fi and your location why advertise for others?Engage your customers with vouchers, offers, promotions, lotteries, social media, videos and more!

Grow Your Customer Database

New and returning visitors will be automatically added to your email marketing database. Email and re-market to your visitors and maximize your email marketing and retargeted advertising opportunities.

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